Studio Venues

This year, Studio artwork will be displayed across all the BIG Winter Classic venues.

Fully integrated into BIG Winter Classic, you'll get a taste of Studio all weekend.

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We’ve got stuff happening at five venues this year, with BIG Studio setup at Last Best, Broken City, Inner City Brewing and The Palomino. Come find us.

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1. Broken City

BIG's home away from home, Broken City will be the hub for BWC activity over the festival weekend. Two stages and plenty of folks ready to rock. 

2. Last Best

In the heart of the Beltline, Last Best is a place where rad people come together to drink great beer. BIG Winter Classic will be at Last Best all weekend long, with two stages - including the Studio Community Stage.

3. The Palomino Smokehouse

This one is new for BIG and we're super excited about it. The Palomino is a Calgary classic, rough around the edges in probably the best way possible. Expect a music lineup as tasty as the pulled pork.

4. Inner City Brewing

Inner City is a new one for Calgary and for BIG. You’ll find it just down the street from Last Best and Broken City. A little weird and a little wonderful, we’re sure they’ll fit in just fine.