2019 Studio Artists


Through Studio, local art is displayed throughout the BIG Winter Classic festival venues.

Meet our 2019 Studio artists here, and come find them at Last Best, The Palomino, Broken City and Inner City Brewing January 24-27, 2019.


The BIG Brew

BIG also partnered with four incredible local breweries to make an exclusive craft beer for BIG Winter Classic 2019.


Local artists submitted label designs to BIG Studio inspired by the stories of our brewers. We had a party, the people voted, and the two favourites were chosen for our official festival beer.

The BIG brew is a session ale, brewed by our friends at Blindman Brewing with the help of Citizen Brewing Company, Last Best Brewing and Distilling and Wild Rose Brewery. 

We also teamed up with a couple local artists to create the  labels featured at this years‘ festival - both inspired by the stories  of our brewers.  


People’s Choice BIG Brew Label Art


Ruth Lee

“The rocky mountains is the first thing that comes to my mind when speaking about local, quality Alberta beer.”

5. Tyler Lemermeyer 2.png
Tyler Lemermeyer WEB-.jpg

Tyler Lemermeyer

“I have chosen to take inspiration from blindman brewing, and have created a visual homage to the ‘rural Alberta’ from which they hail.”


For a look at all BIG Brew label submissions, click here.