Fence Submission


This year, BIG Studio has been set free, with art featured on chain link fences at all four BWC venues: Last Best Brewing Distilling, Broken City, Dickens Pub and The Palomino. 

We want YOU to help us cover these chain link gallery walls.

BIG Studio accepts all kinds of art - if you have an idea you think might be off the wall, just talk to us. Artists of all ages can submit their ideas at by November 30 for a chance to be featured at BIG Studio. The successful artists will be contacted by December 5. 

Deadline for submissions is November 30, 2018.

Winners announced December 5, 2018.

Ready to submit your fence art?

Yeah you are! Congratulations, you’re already awesome. Fill out the form below and use the link field to share whatever you’ve got - a dropbox, portfolio, video, whatever. We’ll send you a confirmation email once we’ve received your submission, and by December 5, you’ll know whether or not you’ve been selected as an artist at this year’s BIG Winter Classic festival. Stay tuned for event updates on our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram and share with us your offerings. Can’t wait to see you there.

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Media Kit

For more info on this fence art thing download our press release, fact sheet and logo files here.