BIG Studio is here to celebrate the local talent, creativity and individuality that the Calgary arts scene breeds. For the month of January 2018, every Thursday through Sunday, come experienceall of the feels and sensory stimulations that will be offered through experience at BIG Studio.

Combining all mediums of expression and artistry, BIG Studio will showcase several artists that have spent time and energy to create pieces we are privileged to present at Studio.

Wander down the stairs at the Gerry Thomas Art Gallery, grab a beer and enjoy the creativity that envelopes you.

Collaborating with different galleries throughout the city, artists of all ages, partners like Leroux Music and Wildrose Brewery, musicians like Daniel Romano and people like YOU - we are proud to present BIG Studio.

Stay tuned for event updates on our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram and share with us your offerings. Can't wait to see you there.

Your weekend pass to the BIG music festival covers all the events at the gallery. Get one.